Frequently Asked Questions – Super Screener
Super Screener
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get my first Super Screener download?

  • When you make your purchase, you will go directly to a page with the latest edition ready to download.
  • Within minutes of your purchase, you also should receive an email message with a personal link to the download page that you can save and use at any time while you are subscribed.
  • Need a new personal link? Contact [email protected]

When is this week’s Super Screener released?

  • The Super Screener is released on FRIDAYS by 1pm ET.
  • You will get a reminder email with a list of that week’s stakes.
  • If you don’t get a reminder email on Friday by 1:30pm ET, you can use the personal download link you received with your original purchase.
  • On Saturdays, there is usually an update released that includes any scratches and late changes. This is normally out by Noon ET. Email reminders are sent by 12:30 ET on Saturdays.
  • If the original download link doesn’t work for you, it means that your subscription has lapsed – you can contact [email protected] for help.